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What we do
Content creation

Branded content, created by journalists

ALLCAPS Content is an award-winning content and communications agency created and run by experienced journalists who have contributed to many of the world's top media outlets, including the New York Times, CNBC, Globe and Mail, CBC and the Washington Post. We help companies and organizations, mainly in business and healthcare sectors, tell their messages, build brand awareness and, ultimately, increase revenues through journalistic content that's of the same quality, if not better, than what your media-savvy customers and clients are used to consuming.

Us + you = marketing success

How are we different?

We're journalists, which means our mission is to always create engaging, compelling and jargon-free stories – whether in written, audio or video form – that leave an impact on your audience. Because we work across all mediums, we can see where all of your content needs connect. We then ensure that whatever you produce aligns with your audience and your objectives, and works together so you're maximizing your time and budgets. We've covered nearly everything in our careers, but our main topic areas include finance, investing, capital markets, ESG, cloud and other enterprise technologies, cybersecurity, healthcare and entrepreneurship. 

What we do

How we can help 

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Content strategy 

We help companies and organizations develop detailed content strategies. We'll work with you to determine what kinds of content will tell your messages best and ensure the same story is being told across your entire business. This may involve a content audit, messaging documents for your team, branding work, a distribution plan and more.

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Magazines, articles, reports, white papers & more

We work with organizations to create consumer-quality magazines, articles, editorial-style websites, reports, white papers, case studies, and more. Our written content has helped organizations make better connections with their clients, donors and stakeholders. 


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Podcasts & videos 

We also create high-quality audio and video content. Our journalists and producers oversee the entire podcast and video development process, including script writing, chase producing, pre-interviewing, hosting, recording and editing. Because of our holistic approach to content, we make sure that all these components make sense within your overall content and marketing strategy.

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Thought leadership, communications & marketing 

Our editorial approach extends to thought leadership, communications and marketing. We make sure your story is told clearly in op-eds, newsletters, press releases, social media posts, LinkedIn articles, client e-mails, annual reports, websites, infographics and other materials.